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Resource: Cat School

With over 100K followers on Instagram and nearly 10K subscribers on YouTube, it's mind boggling how Cat School is founded and operated by just one person (and Jones)! If you are interested in knowing how to truly enrich your cat's daily life then do yourselves a favour and get them into school!

I won't spend much time talking about how Cat School has impacted our lives as I already have made a post about that here. This post is all about Julie, the Cat Teacher and her top student, Jones and all of the resources included in Cat School. As a certified Animal Behaviourist, Julie is glazed with that natural ability to troubleshoot ways of making training work for your kitty. She has every right answer for every question and concern you've had about beginning. If you are in disbelief or have doubts about being able to train your cat successfully and really want to get into it, just message her and be prepared to go all in! Better yet, just consider this: if you want to train, enrol in Cat School and you will literally have Julie at your disposal and can answer all the questions you need. Messaging her on Instagram might come with it's limits as you can imagine how many messages she gets a day! If you don't want to train, then don't. To be honest, if you are already struggling with training and you don't put into action the advice she gives your once enrolled, it just may not work out for you. As a parent, you will need to trust your kid's teachers to help YOU help them learn since THEY are the professional. It's the same when you are deciding to enrol your cat in school. You can read more about Julie on her About Us section on the Cat School website.


The Cat School website is where you will find available courses to enrol you and your cat in. Those course are 'Clicking With Your Cat' ($34.95), 'Harnessed & Happy' ($19.95), and 'Nice & Easy Nail Trims' ($24.95). When considering the prices, just know that it is so worth it (and actually pretty cheap). Remember, you ARE hiring a qualified animal behaviourist to work directly with you and your cat as you navigate training them.

On the website is also a library of training tips where get a taste of what Cat School has to offer. Subject such as how to stop unwanted behaviours, why you should train your cat, and easy ways to brush your cat's teeth are among available articles.

Julie also sells The Cat Training Kit here which includes her support via her online Cat School course, a target stick and handheld clicker for training, and a printed guide which is sold for $49.95. I highly recommend enrolling yourself and your kitty in their course but Julie also sells the training tools along for $19.95. Additionally, a Harness Training Kit is sold on the website which includes the Kitty Holster harness and online courses with support from Cat Teacher Julie in how to harness train your cat which is sold for $35 here.

Social Medias

Julie the Cat Teacher (and her cat, Jones) can be found on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Since we are all about community, we often frequent her Instagram to connect with other cat school students and be inspired and encouraged by them to learn a variety of tricks. It's so amazing to see how Cat School's community has blown up and to us, it's just proof that cats are trainable! Gibson can, in fact, perform more tricks than some of my friend's dogs!

Julie's YouTube has also been a very useful resource which we have often referred to and been inspired by. Tutorials on how to teach your cat how to do these tricks have been so helpful in our lives. In addition, all this content stands as proof that training your cat is pawsible (^-人-^).

As for Facebook, I personally do not have an account so you will have to check out her page yourself but I imagine it's another great way to see all that's being done through Cat School and building community! Please see the list below for all the links to these social medias.

Since there are a lot of ways to get involved with Cat School, here's a quick list for you:

Amazon - Click here to be redirected to purchase the target stick and clicker set.

I would love to connect with you and help to answer any questions you have about the above resource. We are BIG fans of Cat School since it literally has been a life changer for Gibson and myself. Enriching your cat is at the top of our list of what we'd like to make possible for Gibson to make his life the best ever (right next to maintaining his safety, which Cat School can also help with). Furthermore, engaging your kitty's mind helps to maintain or improve on behavioural issues you may be having at home with your kitty. You may find that these behaviours that you've been struggling with for some many years morph into behaviours you WANT to see happen! Sometimes they will do things out of boredom and keeping them busy and engaged through training really helps to redirect those behaviours into more positive ones.

If you are a fellow Cat School student or trick kitty, please feel free to message me on Instagram, email me, or drop a comment below. I would love to get in touch (just note that I cannot comment back but always read what you write).

Thanks for reading!


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