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Interested in Collaborating With Us?

We are happy to partner with companies, brands, businesses and/or organizations which are inclusive and accommodating of feline companions & their guardians as the bond takes place both within and beyond the house ♡.


We believe that the connection/relationship between an animal & human is a beautiful thing and is something that has great potential in being strengthened and enriched by a good piece of gear, program, food/snack, apparel, etc. It's through these things and more that doors open to new adventures and experiences which we are willing to take, as long as such things align with what believe.


We also love a good keepsake or product which can be displayed, worn, or cherished. Products that become opportunities to open up conversations and allow for us to pridefully speak of the fur family member of our lives easily become favourites of ours.

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What We Believe

We really love the community we’ve become a part of so it’s vital that we are honest with our reviews on our social medias & website. Reviews or posts usually involve pros and cons. You can check some of my former reviews throughout Instagram and in my review section on this blog. We post often about the things which work best for us as they naturally become something we frequently use. Whether that same product or thing will work for others is always ultimately up to them; we are always here to provide our personal experiences with it and what we liked/disliked about it. We LOVE helping to answer any questions that people may have about the things we use so that they can decide if that same thing can work for them!


I am always open to hearing about products that will allow us to get out and do more with Gibson. We prioritize safety while exploring beyond the house in diverse ways (daily walks, urban exploring, hiking, biking, canoeing, road trips, etc.) and always keep an eye out on things that will accommodate this lifestyle. We also love the opportunity to display our love for him so anything that will allow for us to share about how proud we are of all he's become are of interest! Cat enrichment is another big part of Gibson's overall happiness and love finding ways to engage with him or stimulate him both in and out of the house. Companies that give back in some way will also have a place in our heart ♡.


Finally, we'd love to know more about you as a company/brand/business/organization before partnering.

What are your goals, values, and mission statements? Knowing more about you will help us to see if we are a good fit for one another.


Former/Current Collaborations/Partnerships:

  • RC Pet Products (@rcpetproducts); see photos below for examples of our work.

  • PetSmart Canada (@petsmartcanada); see photos below for examples of our work.

  • Dr.Catsby (@dr_catsby); see photos below for examples of our work.

Note: Dr. Catsby had requested to send all RAW images. The images are on the top (or the first 3 images) are examples of the images we sent to them. The images on the bottom (or the last 3 images) are examples of our edits.

  • Caseapp (@caseapp); see photos below for examples of our work.