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If you're looking for a formal introduction, you won't find it here because let's be real: we are all here to talk about our cats or read about how we can enhance their lives through the spectacle of another cat's life. That's one thing I've noticed when I'm out with Gibson - cat lovers are ALWAYS ready to share a story about their own cats. Maybe you're a fellow cat explorer or perhaps you are legit just curious about the topic. In any case, welcome to The Gibson Chronicles! 


What I can tell you in short is that my name is Sarah and I am married to the best cat dad ever (also, the eyes behind the lens of the majority of these photos), Pete. Often, when I refer to 'we' it's about myself, him, and/or Gibson. I am (by profession) a registered early childhood educator, and I am just like you - openly & admittedly obsessed with my cat. Gibson came into our lives following a tragic loss of our previous cat, Miso. He brought light into our world at a dark time and ever since becoming a part of our family has proven to fit perfectly with such confidence, intelligence, and love.


I've created this blog consisting of our experiences while cat exploring because I have gotten lots of questions about where to begin, what is needed, how it is even possible, etc. My hope is that by reading more of what we do that it'll enable you to believe and proclaim with us this one true & simple fact: our feline companions are capable of so much more! There will also be a section for 'Reviews' and 'Resources'. I will post reviews and resources of any cat-related products and topics associated with cat exploring and more. You'll also learn all about the training I do with Gibson as I strongly believe it can strengthen the bond and level of trust between a cat and their companion(s) which actually really helps as you navigate the great outdoors together (and enriches their time spent indoors). Cat exploring and training proves that our cats are able to do more & challenges you to jump on this movement of helping us to prove this to the rest of the world.

Thank you for just being here! I would love to be able to meet you and your cat(s) if you have one. Please feel free to message me on Instagram or email me.

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