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Cat Harness Review

If you plan on taking your feline companion outside on adventures with you, you'll need a harness that works best for them (note, them; not you)! It's also super important that you get one that's secure/escape proof. Read on to take a look at the harnesses Gibson has used/uses and what I think of them.

The harnesses I list are ordered from earliest time of purchase to most recent. Gibson started his harness training quite young (he was 2 months and 6 days old) so he got used to it pretty fast but you can begin training at any age (if you haven't yet seen the video of when he first wore one, check it out here)! Currently, he weighs 10.2 pounds (4.6 kg). His neck measures 21 cm (8.3 inches), his chest is 32.5 cm (12.8 inches), and the length from collar to tail is 37 cm (14.6 inches). Knowing his weight & measurements will give you an idea of these sizes and whether or not the harnesses that we mention could work for your cat. I've categorized the harnesses we use into two groups: H Style Harnesses & Mesh Harnesses (though there are also step-in and jacket/vest type harnesses as well but I decided to focus on these two only as we don't own those styles).

In my opinion, H style harnesses are great in many different ways:

1. The Fit: When you first put a harness on your cat you want to begin with something that fits properly (both in the neck and chest areas). If you have a harness that's too big, they are more likely to slip out of it. One that is too small will be uncomfortable which will not allow for them to explore freely and confidently. Most H style harnesses are adjustable making the fit just right; just be sure to measure your cat's neck and chest before ordering anything to ensure it'll adjust to their size.

2. The Comfort: A lightweight harness seems like the more comfortable option for a cat, especially for one that is just beginning to explore life beyond the house. H style harnesses allow most cats to move freely once they are used to it being on. This harness is so ideal for more positive experiences outside when they begin training. Most cats, once they are used to the harness, will own this style as though nothing is on them.

3. The Layering: Once your cat wears the harness without a fuss and is fairly confident being outside with it on, you might start to introduce apparel. If you live in a 4 seasons country like we do, we need sweaters, coats, and snoods/scarves for winter. The H style harnesses fit nicely under multiple layers making it less weighty than it needs to be for your cat!

4. The Ease: This style of harnesses is pretty easy to put on and take off. Most cats don't like things going over their head (this includes even the advanced explorers, like Gibson) and most H style harness will clip around the chest and neck quite easily. While he tolerates the action of things like sweaters, coats, and harnesses going over his head, he definitely prefers the H style harness.

Mesh harnesses are pretty great, too:

1. The Fit: Just like the H style, mesh harnesses are also often adjustable. Always confirm the sizing charts which the company provides before making a purchase. Better yet, head to a pet store that carries the harness you want and try it on before buying it (or if you know a friend who has the harness you want, borrow it and try it on first). Sometimes the sizing the company provides isn't accurate which is super annoying.

2. The Security: Mesh harnesses are generally more secure than the H style. If you have a cat who pulls, gets easily spooked, or finds ways to Houdini their way out of harnesses, then I'd recommend going for this style of harness. Still, I'll always recommend an H style harness to begin with and then later transition to this style (especially if you start to see them trying to get out of a harness).

3. The Look: Aesthetically, mesh harnesses look MEOWTASTIC! You can change their harnesses to match their personalities and get ones that are fun & different colours and designs.

Now to share my reviews on the harnesses we have.

"Please note, if you cannot find any of these harness through the links we've provided or shipping is too costly we recommend to always call your local pet store and ask if they carry the harness you want. If they don't, you can always ask them to order it".

I've also included some Instagram accounts who have had experiences with or are currently using the harnesses I've listed - since I am ALL ABOUT community, the hope is that you will build a community for yourself with these accounts and that you have someone to reach out to and get an honest opinion on the functionalities of these harnesses before investing in one for your fur babe(s).

Harness #1: Catit Nylon Adjustable Cat Harness and Leash Set (Small, Black)

Price: $8.97-$10.50.

For sizing: Please refer to the Catit website by clicking here.

Instagram Account of Business: @catitcanada, @catitdesignproducts.

Instagram Accounts with this Harness: @teddyandwinstonthebengalboys, @thebusmabunch, @kittens.adventures.

When I started harness training Gibson, the Catit harness was perfect because it was secure and thin. Oddly, this harness got misplaced so we were unable to take closeup photos of it. I believe a certain someone chewed on and dragged to some dark hole leading to another realm of the universe never to be found again, so you'll have to settle for the cutest ever kitten photos of Gibson wearing the harness (also, quick note - if your cat is anything like Gibson, you'll want to be sure you store your harness away from them so they don't chew and ruin the buckles because he's famous for that).

What I loved: it's SO affordable ($8.97 at Walmart & $10.50 on, comes in sizes that fit a kitten or smaller framed cats, secure, thin (which was great for him as a beginner; the thinner, the more likely they'll end up feeling as if they aren't wearing anything).

What I didn't like: it came with a bell that I just hated so I just took it off (comes off easily), I like fun patterns and colours and this one only comes in black, red, light blue, and light pink, I feel like I would only recommend this style for a kitten so it's doesn't really grow with them in my opinion.

My Personal Rating: 10/10 (for a kitten) FOR sure!

Harness #2: PetSafe Come With Me Kitty Harness and Bungee Leash (Medium, Royal Blue/Navy)

Price: $23.99.

For sizing: Please refer to the PetSafe website by clicking here.

Instagram Account of Business: @petsafecanada, @petsafe.

Instagram Accounts with this Harness: @siberian_reinhardt (be sure to check their edits highlight to see the harness), @linuswiththeshorttail, @leeloo.sieh.multicats, @indianajoneskat, @catnamedcalvin.

Once Gibson outgrew the Catit harness, I had decided to try the Come With Me Kitty harness by Petsafe. I had seen lots of cats on Instagram use this harness and leash set so we decided to give it a try.

What I loved: it's affordable ($23.99 at Petsmart and Amazon), so easy to put on and take off, doesn't hold tightly around his neck, the matching bungee leash was awesome when he was new to exploring as he always jumped around in excitement and the bungee design allowed for him do this without him suddenly being tugged (the bungee leash sort of bounced along with him, if that makes any sense), he doesn't even notice the harness is on him.

What I didn't like: the adjustment piece on his chest sometimes slides down and in order to fix it I have to remove the harness which isn't convenient when you are already on the adventure, the rubber stopper doesn't function as a stopper at all (I have to knot it so that the adjustments don't change as he's wearing the harness and have even seen others put an elastic there to stop the harness from adjusting on its own), if Gibson really wanted to get out of this I feel that he absolutely could (he's just not the type to wiggle or Houdini his way out of a harness so we continue to use this every now and then).

My Personal Rating: 8/10

Harness #3: Puppia RiteFit Harness with Adjustable Neck (Small, Red)

Sold at: or Amazon.

Price: $23.97-$31.00 (depends on colour/design).

For sizing: Please refer to the Puppia website by clicking here.

Instagram Account of Business: @puppiaus.

Instagram Accounts with the Puppia RiteFit: @koumal_wildcat, @kiki_thebengal.

Instagram Accounts with the Puppia International Harness: @Bruce_and_Clark_the_kittens, @ziggy.and.charlie, @meow_kora.

I had my eyes on the Puppia harness long before Gibson could even fit into it, again, because lots of cat explorers on Instagram had been using and recommending it. Most of the cats were using the Puppia International Harness but I didn't like that the neck didn't adjust so I decided to purchase this one.

What I loved: I do prefer the mesh design and this is initially why we chose to purchase this harness, I love that the neck is adjustable, there are two loops to attach the harness to and if he wears any apparel then he has two options of feeding the leash through (some pieces of apparel have put the hole to feed the leash through either lower or higher than the loop on the harness); having these two loops can also help to relieve any possible pressure on his neck or chest (though in my experiences with cat exploring, pulling a cat doesn't really occur as it's not so effective so this may be a useless feature for most cats; personally, we only give a light tug to encourage Gibson to follow when he's in the mood to).

What I didn't like: it's such a complicated harness with both the velcro and clips (super annoying to put on), the neck is too big for Gibson so while it's suppose to be a more secure harness it really isn't because it doesn't fit right, I feel like this particular design is truly made for a dog rather than a cat (though, I would like to try the Puppia International harness since more cats seems to use and like that style).

My Personal Rating: 4/10

Harness #4: Adventure Kitty Harness by RC Pets (Splatter, Small; looking into getting a Medium, though)

Sold at: Ren's Pets, HomesAlivePets (only teal, pink and maldives pattern).

Price: $29.99-$38.99.

For sizing: Please refer to the RC Pets website by clicking here.

Instagram Account of Business: @rcpetproducts.

Since I didn't love the fit of the Puppia Ritefit, I decided to get the Adventure Kitty Harness from RC Pets. One thing that stood out to me about this harness was the company's quality promise to create products that are built well, their active Instagram account/customer service, and more importantly their values of creating products that bring a guardian and companion closer together.

What I loved: company values/policies/customer service, the pattern is SO FUN and comes with a matching leash, you can order a matching kitty breakaway collar (I'm all about that matchy, matchy & since Gibson's ID is attached to the collar changing harnesses for us is quite easy as the ID isn't attached to it and needing to be removed each time we switch), it's almost as if the mesh and h style harness has combined forces to create this harness (you can get the best of both worlds), Gibson moves freely with this on (but again, this also depends on what your cat is used to/okay with), this is a small detail (who knows small details matter?!) but the company logo is made to be a tail which can belong to a cat or dog (whereas, for example, 'Puppia' makes it obvious this company was built for dogs and not all pets).

What I didn't like: it would be nice to see a clip at the neck on the one side in case your cat doesn't like things over their head (Gibson doesn't LOVE things over his head but will totally tolerate it). Some cats also don’t like the chest clip which sits underneath their “armpits“ of their front paws. It doesn’t seems to bother Gibson but I‘ve known its to be bothersome for some cats.

My Personal Rating: 9/10 (only because we'd like to see a neck buckle added & the Moto Harness has one added feature that we prefer over this one; read on to see what that is).

Harness #5: RC Pets Kitty Harness (Medium, Maldives)

Sold at: HomesAlivePets.

Pricing: $26.99.

For sizing: Please refer to the RC Pets website by clicking here.

Instagram Account of Business: @rcpetproducts.

Instagram Accounts with this Harness: @theoretically.teddy (used for quick trips and car rides).

What I loved: again I just love the company values/policies/customer service, the matching leash and harness, the uncomplicated design which totally simplifies putting it on and taking it off, adjustable, secure, and the options of more patterns if I want to switch it up, good for layering (putting on fleeces/coats/sweaters), great for hot and cold weather, perfect for short or long adventures!

What I didn't like: honestly, nothing; I will say that I feel a lot better using a mesh harness even though Gibson has never tried to slip out of any harness - I just feel more secure having him in the mesh style because if anything were to happen that spooked him I just don't feel that he could ever squeeze out of this harness.

My Personal Rating: 10/10

Harness #6: Moto Control Harness (Extra Small, Arctic Blue/Tennis)

Price: $31.99-$51.99.

For sizing: Please refer to the RC Pets website by clicking here.

Instagram Account of Business: @rcpetproducts.

Instagram Accounts with this Harness: @theroretically.teddy (ordered and arriving soon).

What I loved: company values/policies/customer service, this harness is my all time favourite right now! It's versatile (you can use it in the car for a more secure ride or on big/small adventures), I've tried layering it with a fleece which is totally possible (have not yet tried with a jacket as well), the neon loop at the top doubles as a safety feature outside because if I ever needed to grab him quickly in an emergency situation I could just grab onto the loop and pick him up (the loop as also pretty bright at night making it easier to find him), it is a very well made harness overall and you can just feel the quality when you use it!

What I didn't like: in winter having an H style harness is just better because I've had Gibson in a harness/fleece/coat/snood before and it's a lot of layers for a cat (which he totally tolerates) but giving him that lighter harness makes his life a little bit easier. Again, with this style it would be nice to see a clip at the neck on the one side in case your cat doesn't like things over their head.

My Personal Rating: 9.75/10 (only because we would like to see the added feature of a neck buckle for cats that hate things going over their head yet the way it is now totally works for us).

Our Collar Collection

Sold at: Ren's Pets.

Price: $9.99-$10.99

Sizing: Please refer to the RC Pets website by clicking here.

Instagram Account of Business: @rcpetproducts.

What I love: the bright & vibrant colours, their ability to match with their kitty harnesses (same style as the maldives one we listed), they are breakaway collars so if they get stuck on something it'll come loose, small enough for a cat to wear comfortably, RC Pets also sells a poppin' light available at Ren's Pets which attaches to some of their jackets and on the collar as well (scroll over in photo above to see it)!

What I didn't like: it would be lovely if these collars came with a small S clip for Gibson's ID tag. I have ordered the small S-biner microlock clips from Nite Ize on Amazon to rectify that situation, though!

My Personal Rating: 10/10

The photo below is where I store everything. I put all his harnesses in the top shelf, sweaters in the middle, and coats/other on the bottom. Gibson cannot even get into this room without us so there will be no biting of collars or harness clips at this house!

Choosing the 'Right' Harness:

Choosing a harness will come down to your cat's preference and behaviours. It will also depend on what you are doing (ie. for running errands in the car only we use a lighter harness). I'd probably also consider the Kitty Holster (see below) for adventures in other countries as I've heard great things about it being the best harness for absolute Houdini cats, though, I'd like to put this to the test long before that would happen. That being said, I do feel secure putting him in the Adventure Kitty or Moto Harness for trips in other countries or cities. Above all, a maximum security harness as you go anywhere beyond the house should be your top priority. In my opinion, having multiple harnesses helps with the variety of adventures you and your feline companion will take but if we were to stick with one harness forever from this list it would have to be the Moto Control harness.

I've made a quick checklist you can refer to while selecting which harness to purchase:

1. Consider the cat (do they pull, try to slip out of a harness, hate bulky harnesses, need the added weight to feel grounded/calm, etc).

2. Consider the sizing (this is self explanatory; just be sure to refer to the sizing charts or try the harnesses on in store or even borrow the harness from a friend if you can before purchasing to ensure it fits comfortably).

3. Consider the adventure (do they need comfort, security, a lightweight harness to be able to add more layers for cold weather or have less material for warmer weather, etc.).

Here's a list of other harnesses I've come across and would love to one day review:

- Kitty Holster (Website:, Instagram: @crazykfarm, Accounts to Refer to: (who also sells this harness and we highly recommend purchasing from by clicking here), @3bestfelinefriends).

- SafetyKatz (Website: click here, Instagram: N/A (contact me if you know otherwise), Accounts to Refer to: @mytrailbuddy, @miss_rigby_boatkitty).

- My N Wood Cat Jackets (Website:, Instagram: click here, Account to Refer to: @roxythe_kitty).

- Clothing 4 Cats (Website: click here, Instagram: @clothing_4cats, Accounts to Refer to: @spikie_spycat (founder of business), @conradcat2, @onyx_and_azur, @tezcatadventures.

- Supakit Harness (Website:, Instagram: click here, Accounts to Refer to: @renske_aken, @chronicles.of.loki, @1bike1world).

- SurferCatMav (Website: click here, Instagram: @surfercatmav, Accounts to Refer to: @adventures_of_dave_, @mersha.theminipanther, @cashmeowtside).

For more information on harnesses, we highly recommend visiting for lots of great options or another take on the same harnesses; this link will lead you directly to a very helpful list to refer to as well.

If you happen to have any other harnesses you highly recommend, we would love to hear about them. Feel free to message me on Instagram, email me, or drop a comment down below (just note that I cannot comment back but always read what you write). I'd love to hear about your recommendations!

xx Sarah & Gibson


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