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Resource: Catexplorer Community

The Catexplorer Community was one of the first resources we stumbled upon even before introducing Gibson to the outdoors. They not only helped to inform, but connected us with other cat explorers and influenced us to pursue "doing more with our cat" and "giving our cat the world"! Read on to find out all they can do to help you, too.

The Catexplorer Community have an Instagram, website, and podcast! They not only cover the subject of catexploring but go over lots of cat-related subjects that would be helpful for any guardian of a cat(s). As a team of 2 (sorry, 4 with Lumos and Nox), it's unreal how much they do to provide us with a wealth of knowledge and community.


"The best things about catexploring are developing a special bond with your cat and seeing how they take in the world. It opens our human eyes to so many things that we can easily ignore." ~ Catexplorer Team

Hasara and Daniel are huge cat enthusiasts who see the bond between a human and cat as well as their safety to be of the utmost importance. Just spend some time on their Instagram and you'll see their content reflecting these subjects as a common theme. Their feed is full of cat explorers with a wide range of abilities and personalities; it's is so inspiring to accounts all over the world do what we do. Often, when Gibson and I are out walking, the reactions we get are those which imply we are doing something that is so bizarre and unheard of, but also pretty awesome. We always tell people that there is a HUGE community of cat explorers out there and redirect them to Catexplorers for proof!


The Catexplorer website is loaded with lots to keep you busy. They host events, sell merchandise that enable us to show off the community we so proudly get to be a part of, provide a free podcast, showcase some of the community and their stories of cat exploring, and provide guides/write blogs on how to train your cat to get out there and see the world. It's obvious that what they do is for us and not for their gain. Though, as a business they do need to have the finances to be able to provide us with all of this. If you are interested in supporting them they have a program where you can become a member here.


"Catexploring is exploring the world with your cat in a safe manner. This could be in your own backyard or on a mountain; it's whatever you like to do together!" ~ Catexplorer Team

Many episodes found on their podcast involve what catexploring entails featuring conversations with cat explorers within the community and professionals (ie. veterinary doctors, animal behaviourists, etc.). What does a world like this look like for you and your cat(s)? They'll surely help you figure that out just as they did for us. Lots of the information shared is also applicable to house cats as well and is therefore a great listen for all cat guardians out there. Each episode gives advice relating to the the behaviours, health, and personalities of cats which can easily help to build your understanding of a feline's world. The Catexplorer podcast has been a massive platform that has personally given us a wealth of knowledge to understand Gibson more and how we can enrich his life; you'll want to tune in! Each episode can be found by subscribing to the Catexplorer podcast. You can check them out here to subscribe and listen!

Get Inspired

Maybe you dropped by because you are a cat explorer already. Perhaps you came across this resource because you'd like to get into catexploring. You might just want to know how to become a part of this community or maybe you just love cats! For any reason, we'd like to thank you for stopping by. To all cat lovers out there and anyone who's even the slightest bit curious about a cat who explores beyond the house - you are invited to check out this resource and get inspired. A huge thanks to the Catexplorer Team for all they've done to help build this community we get to be a part of!

Since there are a lot of ways to get involved with the Catexplorer Community, here's a quick list for you:

Podcast - Click here to be redirected to the Catexplorer Podcast.

UPDATE: Catexplorer announced their closing on September 21, 2021 but have kept up their resources for your viewing needs. We will MISS YOU and thank you for all your insight on encouraging a cat with exploring passions to be more adventurous!

I'd love to hear your thoughts or experiences on this resource shared (better yet, if you already know about Catexplorer Community as as resource, we'd love to hear all the appreciation you have for them down below in the comment section).

Feel free to message me on Instagram, email me, or drop a comment below to get in touch (just note that I cannot comment back but always read what you write).

Thanks for reading!

xx Sarah and Gibson


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