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Resource: Adventure Cats

There are a team of people behind the face of Adventure Cats (with 95% of the work done by power couple Laura Moss & Cody Wellons). Their goal is to help cats "live nine lives to the fullest" and see to it that they are safe with their guardians as they are brought on adventures throughout those best lives! If you'd like to know more about Adventure Cats, read on.

I love coming across resources that apply directly to cats who go on adventures beyond the house. Though we are a large community, there isn't a plethora of resources like this one to help guide us through the ABCs of taking your cat out on adventures.

Adventure Cats has SO much available which is meant to guide, inform, share, display and build on anything to do with cats who are capable of seeing the world. All of this is done through their website, store, book and their social medias (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram).


If you've never spent time on the Adventure Cats website, please do. A lot of work is put into giving us guardians the much needed information that'll enrich our feline companion's lives! Who wouldn't want that for their fur babe(s)?

As you can see from the screenshot of their site above, they have collected stories of cats capable of going on adventures, outline the basics of taking your cat outside, provide articles that discuss gear and safety tips as you venture out with your kitties, and even talk about what you can be doing to enrich their lives inside as well.


Let's be real, all of my money goes to my cat (see their store here to let them take all your money now). I'm a sucker for kitty merch (and gear) which helps to display and fuel what our cats are capable of! I am also in love with organizations who can give back, even in the smallest of ways. Each time you buy something from their store a portion of their proceeds go to FurKids Animal Rescue & Shelter (you can check out a video about them here). Check out the short clip below for all they have available for purchase.

Currently, a lot of the items for sale are out of stock but we are hoping for more so that we can order ourselves. With apparel, stickers and badges, water bottles and drink koozies, harnesses, and travel cups there's lots to consider when giving your cat their best lives! We are literally the voice for our fur babes and aim to rid of the "crazy cat lady" saying by sharing the message of what cats can do and your purchase will absolutely help to spread that message and even expand on this existing community.


This book is one of a kind (and probably THE only one out there like it). While it mostly talks all about the cat that hikes also discussed are ways to bring the outdoors in to the cats who might not be up for that adventurous life indoors. Stories of the cultured adventurous cats are shared (ie. cats in warmer and colder climates, cat that canoe, surf, etc.) and tips to guide guardians in how to go about beginning and continuing this lifestyle are covered. You can order your very own author-signed copy today!

Social Medias

Social media for me personally has a lot to do with building community. There are lots of other cats to be inspired and learn from and Adventure Cats have helped to gather us all together on their Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. Even if you aren't the guardian who brings your cat outside, joining one or all of their social medias would be no mistake as the collection of adorable, capable and adventurous kitties are quite easy on the eyes.

Get Inspired

If checking out Adventure Cats isn't enough to keep you busy for hours, then you must have some kind of super reading skills. I just love that there are endless articles to refer to which cover a lot of the topics I end up wanting to know more about as someone who takes their cat outside! I dare you to get reading and find a topic they haven't yet discussed.

Since there are a lot of ways to get involved with Adventure Cats, here's a quick list for you:

I'd love to hear your thoughts or experiences on this resource shared (better yet, if you already know about Adventure Cats as as resource, we'd love to hear all the appreciation you have for them down below in the comment section).

Feel free to message me on Instagram, email me, or drop a comment below to get in touch (just note that I cannot comment back but always read what you write).

Thanks for reading!

xx Sarah and Gibson

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